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Which Shock Absorbers will fit my model?


RC shock absorbers help absorb the bumps to help give your RC model a smoother ride. They can be adjusted/changed to give better performance. For example on road cars use stiffer shocks. Off road models should always use softer shocks / dampers.


Our current range of rc shocks absorbers / dampers:


1/10 scale RC shocks (click here)

1/8 scale RC shocks (click here)

1/5 Scale RC Shocks (click here)

RC Shock Spares (click here)


Easy ways to adjust your rc shocks?


-         Use different viscosity (dense) oils. Thicker oils will make the shock absorbers stiffer.

-         Change the spring tension. More coils or thicker springs will make the shocks stiffer.


How to find out if these rc shocks will fit your model?


Simply measure across the two fixing holes that hold your shock absorber to your model. Find out the scale (e.g. 1/10 scale) and the size of the fixing screw (measure across the thread to get 3mm for example).









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