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Radio Remote Control RC Car Radio Kits


There are several types of RC kits available on the market now to suit all RC needs. 40mhz and 27mhz AM or FM radio remote control rc car radio kits are designed for land models such rc cars, buggys and trucks. 35mhz FM radio remote control rc car radio kits are designed for rc planes.


How to find out if Radio Remote Control RC Car Radio Kits we stock will fit?


The radio remote control rc car radio kits we currently sell on this link (click here) come complete with a receiver. Checking the frequency wont be necessary, however for the kits excluding servos you will need to check the servos you currently have use a standard 3 pin black connector either Futaba, Hitec or JR versions will fit.


If looking for an RC without receiver (just the transmitter alone) then you need to check the frequency is the same. To do this please check the frequency written on your receiver, crystals or previous RC. It will read, for example, 27mhz AM 27.145 or something similar.


The 27. part is the important bit the last 3 digits can be different and this wont affect the RC. The first 2 digits and the AM/FM part are very important as this is the frequency its on. The RC must match this part. For example, a 27mhz AM RC will work with a 27mhz AM receiver and 27mhz AM crystals however wont work with FM.


If changing crystals please ensure you use the same frequency number for the TX and RX for them to work, e.g. 27.145 AM TX (transmitter) will work with 27.145 AM RX (receiver).


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